This page is for additional information. . The KINGMONT OBSERVATORY is privately owned. . It has been our home. . The building is a modified aprox 28' diameter, 44' high butler building grain silo, with a modified (it has pella windows installed in it) "Observadome" company dome on the top. . It is located about 30 miles from Sacramento Ca. at about 930 ft MSL. It overlooks Folsom Lake, and ths Sacramento valley. . (For pilots it's on about the 30 degree radial at about 30 dme from SAC). . The Property (about 15 acres) has the possibility of being "split", and there would be several great building sites on the resulting parcels. . You can find it on "google earth" near the north-west end of Folsom Lake. . We have decided upon selling it, as we are getting to the age where 64 steps up to the summer bedroom (in the dome) is getting old! . It will NOT be cheap, but it IS a great place! . Just watching the buzzards slope soaring close to the building is worth a LOT!! . Some pictures can be found on the ftp site. . We have priced the place based upon the land value, and the salvage value of the building as it would need . extensive reworking to meet current building codes. (A great project for the right folks ! ) . The folks that built the done tell me that a replacement to the same specs would now cost about $35O,000 ! . There is some considerable salvage value! .